Sixers Steal Game 2 in Boston

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia 76ers just went into the Garden and upset the Boston Celtics 82-81 on 18 points from Jrue Holiday. Despite being one of the ugliest games I have seen thus far in the playoffs, the closing two or so minutes were a thriller. With the Sixers leading by four, the Celtics came back to take the lead with under a minute to play. Then the game turned in favor of the Sixers. Evan Turner makes a wild layup, Ray Allen misses a jumper, and the game is pretty much over after that. One thing that should be noted is a late offensive foul call on Kevin Garnett that pretty much gave the Celtics no chance of winning the game after that point. While that play will be looked at and talked about during this whole series, I feel as though it was the right call. Garnett clearly extended his elbows and leaned into the screen, basically holding Iguodala. Although, I will point out that I did not like seeing that call being made in that circumstance: in the playoffs, with 12 seconds left…

But enough of the recap, now for some insight.

While this might be a sign that the Sixers have a chance in this series, I still feel as though the Celtics are going to take it in 6. For such an experienced team, winning two games on the road will not be a problem. I feel as though the Celtics will take 2 out of the next 3 they play in Philly, as well as the one they play at home, and close this series out. It seemed as though the Celtics took a break tonight and didn’t really try to win this game. They were lackadaisical all night, no energy, no hustle plays being made, just an overall bad game for the Celtics. Although, everybody knows, the Sixers cannot beat them 4 out of 7 games… Still, this is not an excuse for playing so horribly.

This is why I am afraid for the Sixers in their next game. While it will be at home, the Celtics are going to BRING it. After watching tape on this performance, I’m sure every guy in that locker room will make sure they never play that way again. This is why I am predicting a seemingly large blowout. I have the Celtics by 15+ on Wednesday as they take control of the series once again.



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