Thunder Embarrass Lakers in a Rout

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder put on a show. Everyone at the packed Chesapeake Energy Arena, as well as everyone watching at home, witnessed a dismantling of the Los Angles Lakers as they fell 119-90. While I did fall asleep before the game ended, I pretty much knew at half that this one was over. Many thought that the Thunder were going to come out sluggish, and maybe even be a tab bit rusty after a long rest, but they came out BLAZING! Right away, one could tell that the Thunder were here to play, unlike their counterpart, who looked as if they were struggling to get anything going. Kobe was hot early, and simmered down. Bynum was hot early, but simmered down. Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) was looking like an old man out there trying to guard the youngsters of the Thunder. Overall, it was just a terrible game for the Lakers both defensively and offensively. Which lead to this.

“Can you guard them?”

This quote, asked to Kobe Bryant after the game, pretty much summed it up. It was awesome. Kobe looked shellshocked at the question, and proceeded to leave the conference after giving a sarcastic, “No.” But was it really an offensive question? Can the Lakers guard them? After seeing this game, I don’t know if they can. Westbrook and Durant shot an incredible 18/31 or 58% and managed to score 52 points on just 56 minutes of playing time! Unbelievable. Not only that, but they managed to hold the Lakers to 90 points with their sub-par (minus Harden) bench playing significant minutes. If that wasn’t enough, they almost had 40 points in the 3rd quarter alone!!

But it is one game.

While this may seem like the start to an onslaught of a series, you have to remember that this is only game one of a seven game series. This is what is supposed to happen. Maybe not by this many points or in this fashion, but the home team, and 2 seed, is generally favored in game one and usually win that game. This does not mean that the Lakers are done though. They still have a chance. While I picked them in 6 over the Thunder, I now think that if they are going to win, it is going to have to be in 7. Their defense has to step up, the interior has to get better, and Kobe is going to have to take over games. If this can happen, along with the Thunder cooling down, I think the Lakers have a good chance to come back and win this series. But for now, everyone needs to sit back and appreciate how good this Thunder team really is. Shout out to KDTrey5 and crew for that incredible performance.


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