Opening Weekend: Minnesota Timberwolves


Through weekend one, the Timberwolves have managed to land at 1-1, with a win over the Kings and loss to the Raptors. While only two games into the season, a lot can be drawn from these games, mostly negative.

Positives: Kirilenko looks good, great pickup, defensive hustler, still has it. Pekovic looks good too. Slightly less productive than I expected with Love out though, maybe teams are putting more emphasis on him with the Love injury, but I haven’t watched enough to see that, wasn’t the case against the Kings. Barea looks significantly better then last year. Suffered a mild concussion tonight, but looked great in game one and was very productive pre-injury in game two. 

Negatives: Can’t score. Through two games, against fairly light competition, the Wolves are averaging 89 points per game. Last season: about 98. Huge drop. While this again is only through two games, I don’t really see how this team is going to amp it up without Love back, which is a huge problem. Secondly, Roy seems to be a flop. He is a shadow of his old self and seems to be significantly slower and less productive. While not a huge gamble, I don’t see him becoming the player the Wolves had hoped to get. Lastly, TURNOVERS! 24 turnovers in a game, are you kidding me! I don’t know the stats, but I would say a team has close to zero percent chance of winning a game with 20+ turnovers. Twelve of those came from the 3 guards (Roy, Ridnour and Shved), which should be noted as well.

Overall, this is a rough looking start for the Wolves squad. Most would say this team should have won both of these games, but a 1-1 record through two games is no sign for alarm. Getting blown out by the Raptors was bad… But it is early. In my opinion, this team still looks like a playoff team they just need to figure out some sort chemistry or strategy while Love and Rubio sit. It’s going to be hard, and someone needs to step up, but it’s definitely do-able.

Coming up: @Nets, vs Magic, vs Pacers

Prediction: 2-1, loss @Nets  


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