NBA Rankings Through Two Weeks


1. Miami (5-1) – Still the team to beat in my opinion.

2. NY Knicks (4-0) – Looking really good this year, but regular season means nothing, right Spurs?

3. Philadelphia (4-2) – Great young team, with Andrew Bynum, will be even better.

4. Boston (2-3) – Still think they have it, just need some time to figure things out.

5. Chicago (4-2) – If/When D Rose comes back, the East better watch out…


1. L.A. Lakers (2-4) – If Phil rumors are true, how can you not rank them 1?

2. Thunder (4-2) – Loss of Harden was huge, but KD and Westbrook are still around.

3. Clippers (4-2) – They added some nice pieces, lets see if they can get somewhere in the playoffs.

4. Spurs (5-1) – Yeah they’re 5-1, but when have they not been good during the regular season?

5. Memphis (4-1) – Wanted to put the Wolves up here, but love what this Memphis team is doing.


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