Josh Howard Signs With Timberwolves

ImageThe Timberwolves make another splash!

Fresh off of a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, the Timberwolves have inked a deal with longtime Maverick forward Josh Howard. The deal, one year-minimum contract, will bring in another veteran presence to this young Wolves team while providing them with a great quality player and former all-star. 

Howard, once a 19, 7, and 5 guy, will look to provide the Wolves with some scoring and a potential late game go-to option. While his scoring has decreased substantially (8.7 ppg last season), he should still be able to provide a spark off the bench for a depleted Wolves team. While I don’t see him having a major impact on the Wolves, I feel as though with the recent injury to Chase Budinger (out 3 months – knee surgery), Howard really has the prime opportunity to shine and make maybe one last playoff run. 

Will he be effective?

This is the big question. Can a 32 year old who only played 43 games last season step up in place of 24 year old sharpshooter who seemed to be finding his game. The answer is simple, no. But the Wolves weren’t planning on finding another Budinger in free agency. All the Wolves need is a guy who can come off the bench and provide the team with a spark, which Howard can definitely do. If the Wolves can get 8 ppg out of Howard without major setbacks on defense, I feel as though this was a great signing. The Wolves have the chemistry and unselfishness to integrate Howard right into the offense and make him a threat. Looking at the recent injury woes, depleted scoring (~90 ppg), and struggles in late game situations, I feel as though this was an excellent experiment by the Wolves. 


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