Should the Wolves Pursue Pau Gasol?

ImageJust recently, there have been rumors that the Wolves are once again going after, or at least interested, in trying to get Pau to Minnesota. For those who don’t know, it was reported that the Lakers turned down an offer from the Wolves this offseason. The trade, which sources claimed involved the likes of Derrick Williams, would have reunited Spain teammates Ricky Rubio and Pau Gasol. In my opinion, the Wolves should strongly consider trying to get Pau this go-around. I feel as though if the Wolves were to ever go after Pau again, this is the optimal time.

Pau has been a huge low post presence in the past, and even though his numbers are down, I feel as though he could still dominate given the right situation. And what better situation than playing with his Olympic teammate Rubio? Along with that, he will be on a potential playoff, and with him, championship caliber team. For me, this trade works for plenty of reasons. One, I feel as though the Wolves are one of the NBA’s most unselfish teams and the addition of another player would require little to no time for adjustments to be made. Secondly, Adelman loves to run his offenses through the big man, and what better big man to run the show than Pau Gasol? Pau would be a great fit not only for his scoring, but also because he has great passing ability. Which brings me to my last and probably most important point, scoring. Everyone who has watched the Wolves knows that they are having some major issues with scoring (24th lowest – 93.3 ppg). Until now, this has been offset by their great defense (5th best  – 93.0 ppg allowed), but will it last? I’m not sure. The season is long, and as players wear down, their defensive numbers tend to do the same. They need to score. And a player such as Pau will provide them with plenty of that. 

So why not?

The one and maybe only issue that I see with this trade is the lineup issue. Pau is most certainly not going to be a bench player, but with the play of Pek and Love, who will Adelman bench? This could become a huge issue if the trade were to go down and could possible be a huge threat to chemistry and the overall play of the team. With this said, I have no doubts that Adelman will make the right adjustments to put the Wolves in the best situation possible if the trade were to go down.

Think about it, a big-man rotation of Kevin Love, Nikola Pekovic, Pau Gasol, and Greg Stiemsma. Wow. That would be tough for any team to handle. So, with everything said, I think this would be the perfect trade for the Wolves and could potentially lead to a long playoff run come April.