Sports Superheroes: Comparing Athletes to Fictional Heros

Whenever we speak of sports there is always the comparison of our favorite players to fictional figures. You always hear comparisons of guys being like Superman or guys being as strong as the Hulk, so today, I’m going to try and match up some of these super hero faces to real life sports names. Here is my list of some superhero sports starts:

Superman – LeBron James


This comparison stemmed from a number of different traits I found similar between the two. First off, their personalitites. Superman tends to be a normal guy (Clark Kent) until stepping into the phone booth and suddenly emerging as the superhero we all are in awe of and love. For LeBron, there is a lot of similarity here. On the daily basis, he interacts with fans on Twitter, Facebook, posts awesome pictures on Instagram, and just seems like that regular guy, just pedaling his bike to work. Then, all of a sudden, he emerges on the court as this unstoppable force, with brute strength and the amazing skill to just float in the air, as if flying. Exactly the same as Superman. Put on the cape, and he becomes a man of power and the ability to fly through the air and save people. All in all, these two seem to be made for each other and were ultimately the ideal comparison.

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NBA Preview: Heat vs Pacers

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game One Tonight marks game two between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, and it should be great. In case you missed it, game one might have been one of the best games of the playoffs so far, if not thee best. You had it all. Close game throughout, scuffles, huge shots, buzzer beaters, overtime, and even a game winner to cap off a great night of basketball. But what will happen in game two? Today I look to provide a little insight into what we might see going into game two and the potential outcomes it could produce. But in case you missed it, here are the two huge plays that essentially sum up game one:

Paul George Game Tying 3 Pointer

LeBron Game Winner

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Draft Plan: Cleveland Cavaliers

Once again, the draft lottery gods chose the Cleveland Cavaliers to receive the first overall pick in the NBA draft. This will be the noelthird time since 2003 the Cavaliers have had the first pick (assuming they don’t trade it). No other team has won the lottery more than once since 2003, so the Cavaliers have been fortunate for sure. Having the first pick does not necessarily get you a great player though (see Kwame Brown or Greg Oden), but your odds certainly increase. As far as the top 5 picks, this will be one of the weaker drafts in recent memory, but the Cavaliers still have the opportunity to get a long-term starter. They also have the 19th, 31st, and 33rd picks overall, and although the top of the draft seems weak, there is good depth and the Cavs will have the opportunity to get some good rotational guys with their other picks. In this post, I’ll lay out how I think the Cavs should use their picks. (For this post I’ll assume they are not trading any of their picks). Continue reading

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A True Bear: Brian Urlacher Retires

If you haven’t heard already this morning, longtime Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has decided to hang it up and retire from the NFL. While there was speculation of Urlacher continuing his career next season, he sent out the following tweet this morning thanking all of his coaches, teammates, and fans and officially retiring from the league.

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NBA Off-Season: Top 5 Free Agents

So, here we are again. A month away from crowning the next NBA champion and starting another hectic free agency period. Similar to every year, there will be some major moves, some minor splashes, and the all-too-common “huh?” mistakes (i.e. 2005 Eddie Curry – 6 yr 60 million). Now while majors splashes have been made year after year, this year could potentially top them all. With top stars such as Chris Paul and Dwight Howard potentially on the move, this season could really shake up the NBA for the foreseeable future and bring a whole lot of entertainment to the NBA next season. With that said, lets take a look at the top free agents for this upcoming summer. Continue reading