An Underrated Dynasty


With a 94-82 win on Wednesday, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors to reach the Conference Finals for the seventh time in the last fifteen years.


I just said seven out of 15. Let that sink in for a second. I’m not saying they made the playoffs seven times. Not saying they made it past the first or second round. No. I’m saying they made the Conference Finals SEVEN out of the last fifteen years.

Along with this, they won four championships, made the playoffs all 15 years, past the second round 12 of those years, fourteen 50 win season, three 60 win seasons, one hall of fame guard, one hall of fame center, and the greatest power forward of all time. 

Yet, what do you think of when I say NBA dynasty’s? Jordan Bulls? Kobe-Shaq Lakers? Bird Celtics? 

For most people, the Spurs are just that “oh, yeah” team. The team you know about, but never acknowledge. The seem to hang around every year, but yet are only brought up during championship years. Why is this? Lets take a look.

In my opinion, there is one HUGE reason why the Spurs are so low key: Tim Duncan.

With Tim Duncan as your star player, there will be no drama. He doesn’t fuss about anything. Doesn’t call teammates or other players out in the media. Doesn’t have any off-court issues. But most importantly of all, he leads by example.

Arguable the best power forward of all time, Tim Duncan has it all. A 20 pts, 11 reb, and 2 blk career average, he is simply amazing. Known for his fundamentals, Duncan has anchored this Spurs team from the day he got drafted. Since then, he has been to 14 All-Star games, won 2 MVP’s, 3 Finals MVP’s, an All-Star game MVP, Rookie of the Year, and has been in the MVP top 5 eight times! If that doesn’t convince you, let me tell you this. According to NBA Reference, he has been in the Player Efficiency Rating top ten 13 times!  This, my friends, is pure greatness. 

Along with this, he is just an overall great guy. He’s donated a ton to charity, started his own foundations, and had an off court rapport that is pretty much spotless. Also, he’s married, he has an honors degree from college, and just enjoys a simple life.

So do the Spurs.

They don’t care about being talked about. Don’t care about the flash, the media, the rankings. They just play and they JUST WIN. This is why they are the best. 

And this is why they will always be an underrated dynasty. 



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