NBA Preview: Heat vs Pacers

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game One Tonight marks game two between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, and it should be great. In case you missed it, game one might have been one of the best games of the playoffs so far, if not thee best. You had it all. Close game throughout, scuffles, huge shots, buzzer beaters, overtime, and even a game winner to cap off a great night of basketball. But what will happen in game two? Today I look to provide a little insight into what we might see going into game two and the potential outcomes it could produce. But in case you missed it, here are the two huge plays that essentially sum up game one:

Paul George Game Tying 3 Pointer

LeBron Game Winner

Now, lets look to game two. First and foremost, the wide open layup you saw on the link will certainly not happen again. Paul George needs to stay in front of LeBron, who is most definitely a drive first player, and Roy Hibbert will be in the game. Those two factors could have made game one a whole different story and the Pacers could be up 1-0 right now.

Besides that, what can we expect out of game two? In my opinion, I feel as though the Heat will win this game comfortably. Despite how close game one was, we need to realize just how good the Pacers actually played. They forced Miami to play half court basketball, they out rebounded Miami, forced them into 20 turnovers, had a fourth quarter comeback, sent it to overtime, and most importantly, beat Miami in fast break points 12-11 while holding Shane Battier and Ray Allen to 1/12 shooting… Those last stats basically sum up how well the Pacers played. When Miami is not getting out and running, and their shooters are off, you can grind them out and stick with them until the end. The only problem is, you have to close.

Indiana had all of the makings for a win. They essentially tied in every stat category, got all of the loose ball and it seemed as though the ball was just bouncing their way all game. This scares me. When you play that well and then lose in the end, you will be devastated. If Miami was to go up 2-0 and eventually win this series, Indiana will surely look back to this game as the defining moment. A lot of the time, what separates a great playoff team from a good one is the ability to close games and win on the road. If Indiana closes this game out, takes one out of two, they have a great chance of winning the series. But losing a heartbreaker, and potentially losing tonight will surely put them out of it. This would mean they would need to take 4 out of 5 from Miami, an almost impossible task.

Regardless, this is poised to be another great game. Expect a lot of the same type of play as in game one, and expect a similar outcome. The game should be close throughout, and there should be plenty of drama to go around. We’ll see how well my prediction holds, until then, keep it classy.

– Isak


4 thoughts on “NBA Preview: Heat vs Pacers

  1. I agree with you. Someone I know brought up the idea that the heat always slack in the first games of a series and then change their approach.

    Could you see the Heat sweeping the rest of the series?

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