5 Reasons Why – Part 1: I’m Not Watching The Olympics


1. Lack of knowledge

This one I feel is pretty common. Not only do I know nothing about 80% of the winter sports featured in the Olympics, I know nothing about most winter sports in general. Some would say: “Hey! Doesn’t that add to the fun?” Well no, not really. I like to know/feel when something awesome happens, not just wait for a final score and then say “I guess, yeah.”

2. Lack of recognition 

I don’t know anyone. I guess it’s cool to discover stars (a la gymnastics Gabby Douglas) but for some reason the winter olympics just don’t do it for me… Maybe it’s the fact that they’re covered up with masks the whole time or something, but I just can’t put names to faces very well this year. Along with this, I feel as though I know less “stars” in these Olympics then ever before. Is Shaun White still competing? Apolo Ohno? Beats me..

3. None of my friends are interested

Unlike some of the past Olympics or say, the World Cup, not many of my friends seem to be too interested in this years games. Yeah I occasionally read tweets from my friends regarding the Olympics, but they are few and far between. This has typically been a reliable source for me. Usually, me and few friends will follow the top names and events along with the medal count (which I still periodically do) and eventually get into the games, but not this year.

4. Little media coverage

Don’t freak out. I’m not saying the Olympics are not covered or that media has mentioned them, all I’m saying is that I’ve seen much more in the past. For instance, I have watched First Take and Mike and Mike on ESPN2 almost every morning for the past couple of weeks and have barely heard a peep about the games. Not sure why, but it seems as though nothing spectacular is happening, giving me more reason to watch New Girl instead.

5. Scheduling 

This has always been a big one for me. Not only are there, what seems like, a million qualifying rounds, but I never seem to know when they are. I’ll tune in and watch for a good half-hour and then realize this round barely matters because the top people have already qualified or something of the sort… Even more so, I’ve always been too lazy to look up specific events and schedules, especially when I’m not too invested. I need a USA MIGHT MEDAL Twitter account to let me know when and to watch what.